Guidance Counselor

A Multifaceted Job!!
  • We assist students in the process of growing personally, socially and educationally.
  • We provide students with problem-solving tools to help them appropriately cope with crisis situations.
  • We assist the family in its efforts to understand the developmental growth of children.
  • We assist school staff in its efforts to promote the developmental growth of students.

Welcome to the guidance counselor's online reference library. You will find sources of valuable information here whether you are a parent, educator or student.

Cool School Tools (homework help and better stuff!)

Yahooligans (search designed for young people)

Information Sources (look it up!!!)

Surfing The Net With Kids (Fun, Fun, Fun)

KidNews (what's new for kids)

Internet Public Library (keep your voice down)

B.J. Pinchbeck's homework helper (great!)

Ask Jeeves for Kids (ask questions...find answers)

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